Saturday, June 21, 2014

Washington Post Thinks this Blog is one of the worst websites--heh dummies its an issue & position blog, not a vanity website site

The awful campaign Web sites of 2014 (per the right wing Washington Post) includes yours truly's blog (right on!).  First, thank you for demonstrating how out of touch you are [consistent with your neocon lockstep and lemming mind set of following the first dumb decision-maker off a cliff]--it's NOT a costly vanity "website", but an issue focused blog (talk to your tech department--there is a difference).  Second, the blog is being followed (through a link) by Mr. Knox,  Paul Cook's field rep and a whole host of republican leadership--they think its worth the bother--heck even the Post noticed! Third as for the vote disparity, that is a phenomenon of this district's historic poor performance in the open June primary (by democrats and decline to states--less than 20% total). Cook only got 57% two years ago against Minuteman Imus WITH the democratic and labor votes in the November runoff (two republicans made it to the final two).  Heh dude, I loved the "Angel Soft" commercial following Becker's comments on my campaign and blog--"Charmin" would have been a better ad placement. All joking aside, thanks for the attention.

By the way, a former staffer of Cook's called me to advise he was going to help in my campaign--a lifelong republican. Not all is well in the fragile republican desert district. That might be a better story than mislabeling my blog a website so you could take a cheap shot at it in a website analysis (and I cringed calling it an analysis). Or even maybe you could talk about some of the issues I raise that Cook runs away from as highlighted in my blog (and you wonder why print media is losing so much market share?)

If you ever want to cover Paul Cook's defeat (in advance or in DC when I get there), the first brew is on me.

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