Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Single Payer Is Better and Even Some Tea Party folks back it--Single Payer Lobby Day on May 24, 2014

We Need Medicare for All

In 2010, Congress passed and the Administration signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law.

Thursday, May 22, 2014, is national single-payer lobby day!

On Thursday, May 22, 2014, a number of organizations will be holding a lobby day for national single payer health care legislation in Washington, D.C.


In my travels over the past decade (before and after the Affordable Care Act passed), I have heard conservative republicans and progressive democrats express approval for a "Single Payer Plan"--why one asks?? 
Single Payer gives the patient and doctor the most freedom of choice (it's also a lot simpler and involves less government intrusion).
For many, the mandated insurance coverage misses the point that it should be U.S. policy that people get access to care they and their doctor chose, not insurance policy underwriters, claims adjusters and or claim administrators which may stand in the way of care needed.
While pre-existing exclusions are gone (in a fashion not so, as the people with pre-existing conditions are shoved into a created market-place, the performance of which is an unproven quantity), the govern ment has new found powers to distribute your medical and private financial data to County Social Service agencies for ongoing review of any subsidy application and award you may get to make the mandatory coverage's premium affordable. 
If those County Agencies get the data with errors in it (as they did with me), you have no recourse against the vendor that sends it with those errors (while they may be threatening prosecution for overstating your expenses or understating your income as they have the power to do in Section 8 Housing right now, even though I did not overstate or understate my income--in fact I never electronically signed the Cover California application authorizing them to proceed as I could not get a print out of the income and expense statement to verify the numbers). If you go back to the vendor that sends the erred report (e.g. Cover Calfornia), they don't respond so you can correct it. For some of us, the cost of the unsubsidized premium we are forced to buy, cannot be afforded. So unless you are already getting retirement, social security, SSI or state based disability, it seems you are screwed(I was).
I will try and work with the ACA, but the reality for the next year, I do not have coverage & will be forced to pay in all likelihood a tax penalty. 

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