Wednesday, April 2, 2014


                                         Candidate Bob Conaway for Congress
                                                12127 Mall Blvd Suite A-363
                                                        Victorville CA 92392 
                                                            FEC # Pending
                                                            (760) 617-8305

Dear fellow democrat & all free-thinking voters whatever party/affiliation:

I am asking for your vote come June 3, 2014, the “Open Primary”, for the 8th Congressional  District seat. The race will likely be the first race listed on your ballot.

Our Congressional District includes Highland, Yuciapa, the Morongo Basin, Yucca Valley,  29   Palms, Landers, Lucerne Valley, Barstow, Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Phelan, Pinion Hills, Barstow, Needles (and points in between) as well as all of Inyo and Mono County (the Eastern Sierras, the Desert and a strip between the San Bernardino Mountain s and the Highland freeway)

Some on-line info about me you could check out [partial sampling] includes:  [active blog on legal issues] [middle finger first amendment case article]  [article on charter school issue] [social media] [book I wrote about  the danger of the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson & his axeman, Ralph Reed] › Local News? [class action brought vs red light camera enforcement]
In a recent flyer in this campaign I wrote:

1. You will get an experienced civil rights & consumer advocate (an attorney by the way for over a quarter of a century) that will protect a woman’s right to choose, will protect the right to choose one’s marital partner, the right to be free from unlawful voter suppression tactics, policies & laws, the right to be protected against discrimination in employment, access to public services and benefits because of  race, color, sex/gender, sexual orientation (perceived or actual), medical disability/condition, national origin and/or ethnicity being different. Bob will also protect the workers’ right to organize and collectively bargain free of the fear of violence and unlawful retaliation. Bob will fight for reforms in the banking laws that give citizens a fair and efficient claim & appeal procedure for abuses. Abuses of Veterans will not be tolerated.

Bob’s experience??? Bob has already served as a Court appointed mediator, arbitrator & temporary judge and with that experience has the ability to take hostile parties to resolution of their controversies, something sorely needed in Congress.  Bob also filed challenge to Proposition 14 [that gave us the open primary (Brown v Bowen) under the Voting Rights Act & Civil War Civil Rights Acts (Title 42) and a due process, confrontation & preemption clause challenge to the infamous red light camera cases (Jaquez v City of Victorville). Bob in addition has served on “Protect the Vote” legal teams (also pro bono). Bob helped form a Human Relations Commission in Santa Ana California nearly 40 years ago.

2. Bob is a veteran volunteer in the California Democratic Party & will be able to work with leadership

Bob’s experience??? Bob has served as a Regional Director (the first time when he was 19 and more recently in his 50's), has served on the Platform Committee drafting the Business & Professions Planks which have gone basically unchanged in the past decade, Bob is a veteran of two campaigns against Jerry Lewis beginning the process of documenting his ethical challenges (which ultimately led to his retirement, but not before spending a  million dollars in legal fees fighting investigatory subpoenas). Bob has assisted in poll watching and working with the Registrar’s office to find touch screen machines that were down in the Gloria Negrete McCloud campaign. Bob worked on Voter Watch campaigns for the Obama campaign as well.

3. Bob will not cut Social Security, Veteran’s Benefits, Medicare, Medi-Cal benefits, public school funding by vouchers or expansion of charter school funding [especially to fund failed military & federal reserve policies]

4.  Bob will add to revenue by NOT funding programs that the military says they do not want or need, capture tax revenue lost by tightening the offshore income concealment practices of foreign and American corporations making their income in the US.

Call me if you have any questions and thank you for your consideration.



  1. OK - I'm in. Let me know how I can help . . .

    1. Have 6x3 signs to put up in Highland, Yuciapa, Victor Valley for topical reasons. If people want regular yard signs, I have those. I have walking pieces--all printed by union shop and so labelled. If you have a group you talk with, I'd be glad to come and visit, answer questions. Thanks again.

    2. I live in Lake Arrowhead, Ca and I have yet to see one of your yard signs here. How do we fix that?

  2. Do you come down the hill during the week? I will be in Highland sunday.Three counties and an area bigger than New England. Volunteers I have and they are doing their best.