Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paul Cook Votes to Financially Punish Doctors Taking Medicare Patients

Medicare Doc Fix – Passage - Vote Passed (238-181, 12 Not Voting)

On Friday, the House agreed to repeal the sustainable growth rate model of physicians' compensation rates under Medicare. The bill would establish a single conversion rate of cost increases for physicians' services at .5 percent through 2018 and would completely freeze updates thereafter through 2023. The bill would also require certain federal agencies to perform studies of access to health care and cost controls for some procedures under Medicare.

Rep. Paul Cook voted YES

So Congressman Cook want to punish doctors that take Medicare patients (by cutting modest increases), wants to kill the Affordable Care Act in toto (vs improve it)....hmm...yet he doesn't vote to kill the automatic pay raises he gets from a bill Jerry Lewis co-sponsored before the left office. Can we afford this guy??? Does this guy seek to cut his Assembly and Military Pension increases--of course not--double faced and double standard.

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