Monday, July 28, 2014

H.R.3393 - Student and Family Tax Simplification Act--The Only Thing Simple About the Bill was that Paul Cook's Misguided Vote Increases the Deficit & It Screws Non-Traditional Students & Graduate Students

The American Council on Education (ACE), the umbrella lobbying group for higher education, opposed the so called "Higher Education Tax Credits" bill.
ACE said that the House proposal to consolidate tax credits and eliminate some credits and deductions would disproportionately hurt nontraditional students who take advantage of the Lifetime Learning Credit. It would also take away benefits for graduate students.
Steven Bloom, ACE's group’s director of federal relations, said in an interview. “If you’re going to fix these credits and deductions -- which you don’t get a chance to do very often -- you need to make sure you address the needs of students now and in the future, keeping in mind the way the demographics of student populations are changing.”
The legislation cleared the House on a 227-187 vote. House Democrats and the White House opposed the bill because they said it would add to the deficit and was not offset by increases in revenue elsewhere in the federal budget. It is not expected to gain much traction in the Democrat-controlled Senate.
Bob Conaway challenged "Cook to get with the 21st Century and recognize many people, even with degrees, are going to non traditional job focused education and due to the changing technologies & communications demands in our time, going to grad schools for not just enrichment, but staying relevant and qualified for job market changes--a clearly bad vote".
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