Thursday, July 24, 2014

WHY BOB CONAWAY WOULD BE A BETTER REPRESENTATIVE for VETS (aside from the fact he was only a private in the USMC)

VA reform bill [] as McCain suggested, was supposed to be smooth sailing [unlike the IRS scandal and issue of border security]. The general consensus about fixes for veterans’ care has turned into a Republican led House campaign to outsource and privatize more Veterans care, benefiting their well heeled corporate contributors and blocking funding for increased staffing and needed building.
The compromise struck by McCain and Sanders would spend $500 million for constructing 27 new VA facilities and hiring new medical personnel, among other things. It also allows veterans who live beyond 40 miles from a VA facility the option to seek outside care. The measure passed 93-3 in the Senate.
The Sanders-McCain bill would cost $50 billion, but with that said, if the country wants to go to war, it has to tend to the wounded so why is this a problem with Cook and his republican colleagues?
If lawmakers were sincere when they deemed the VA system in crisis, why aren't they consider the legislation emergency spending and passing this BEFORE they take their vacation--its not like they have earned it with only 95 days of scheduled session this year. Sanders further stated “I think that it has been public that one of the great stumbling blocks is that the House is not interested in funding the doctors and nurses and space that the VA needs
Conaway says:"Cook tells the world he is a Marine. Its time for Cook to tell the Republican leadership in the House preventing the passage of the Sander-McCain VA bill, to get out of the way of our promise to the men and women who have so proudly served us.  As a man who served in uniform, this should be a no brainer. If we weren't busy giving duplicate tax cuts to corporations, we'd have the funding in a snap."

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