Thursday, July 31, 2014

Republican HR 676 Yea Votes Admits the ACA is Good Law & shows Paul Cook is one hypocritical dude

First, (and this is a partial listing) apart from the vagueness of the resolution [Providing for authority to initiate litigation for actions by the President or other executive branch officials inconsistent with their duties under the Constitution of the United States] being subject to attack with an FRCP 12b6 motion [which looks like a dragnet to include every vote, veto or executive action ever taken by not just the President, but ANY executive branch official that the House leadership disagrees with] , the usual privileges & immunities & political question defenses, there is a ripeness question (whether there is an issue that is actionable yet--e.g. has the government suffered a loss financially by the Executive Orders?).  If the individual small employer mandate is delayed,  the government has no outlays for the employees of that employer--so where Cook & Boehner is the ripeness of the House's legal claim?
Second, by suing to restore a provision putting BACK on schedule the coverage mandates (which the Roberts Supreme Court said was a lawful use of the taxing power), isn't the House admitting the Affordable Care Act is good law and worthy of enforcement...and by doing so, aren't their past and promised future votes to obstruct, limit and or repeal that law, a violation of the taxing power created and upheld by the Supreme Court? If the House votes to enforce the mandate, wouldn't it be barred from trying to repeal the law until the threatened lawsuit is over?
It sounds like a cross complaint against the House Republicans responsible by the President is a possible course of action if the lawsuit has to go forward! If I don't get elected, count me in on the legal team!
Third, isn't it the height of intellectual dishonesty to sue to uphold the provisions in the law the Republicans have tried to repeal for the past two plus years?  Isn't it especially hypocritical if the reason is that the Obama Executive Orders are interfering with the tax revenue gathering power of Congress while ignoring the tax giveaways of this Congress to corporation and special interests?
Fourth, how many employers with more than 50 employees are there in this District (CA-08) that don't already have qualifying medical care? Not many, so for this District,  Cook's vote deals with a non-issue.
Fifth, Cook gets his government paid Tri-Care, his Congress paid care and has medical  available from his Assembly days--does anyone really think he cares about the medical care of small employer's employees?  This is pure political stunt work.
Its sad Cook does not use some of that taxpayer funded higher education to think like a leader for the District and not for Boehner's political obstructionist agenda.

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