Thursday, August 14, 2014

DCCC Cyberbullying of the latest

The digital solicitations we all get these days:
[to my gmail account]

" <> Unsubscribe

We're out of people to email you.
In the last two days, you should have received an email from:
-- President Obama
-- Vice President Biden
-- Nancy Pelosi
That's how important this is! We're getting massively outspent by Republican groups. And we're fighting desperately to turn it around.
We need 14,731 more donations in the next 24 hours if we want any shot at giving President Obama a Democratic House for his final two years.

Bob Conaway For Congress Ca-08 Conaway
Answered President Obama's call-to-action?
We're begging, Bob Conaway For Congress Ca-08. Can you answer the President's call-to-action today?"
Personal Note:  A green back never beat anyone--trying to get the vote out the old fashioned way is what people need to do. By the way, I am still looking for people to call in my 8th District race for Congress.

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