Thursday, August 21, 2014


Bob Conaway, the Democratic Candidate for the 8th Congressional District seat agrees with the California Environmental Water Caucus' opposition to HR 3964 [the mislabelled "Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act"] and condemns Paul Cook's [CA-08] support of HR 3964.
Why? HR 3964 and Paul Cook will if passed "preempt state water law (so much for the Republican idea of States Rights being important), eliminates environmental protections for salmon and other commercially valuable species (which will cost us thousands of jobs and crush communities based on those jobs--so much for Cook caring about California jobs), it will gut the 1992 Central Valley Project Improvement Act (interfering with state due process and our state court system), overturns the broadly supported, court approved settlement to restore the San Joaquin River (decades of work thrown out) and similar to the now defunct HR1837, it would reduce water quality and water reliability for Delta communities and Delta farmers.
It is essentially another water grab so Cook can benefit special interests [favoring large corporate farmers and squeezing out of business the smaller farmers who are responsible for tens of thousands of jobs]. This is more corporate welfare which will ironically create more demands on government assistance programs when the fisheries, tourist industry and smaller farms are impacted.

But putting aside the economics and supply management issues, it should mean something to a local--we used to have salmon running through the stream beds where the Moss Brothers dealership is in San Bernardino (and the now closed Denny's is on Orange Show Road)--how many more streams do we dry up Mr. Cook in our lifetimes for corporate gain?
Bob Conaway says "Cook's support of HR 3964 does not add a drop of water to the drought conditions we are suffering from--it just ensures water flows to agribusiness in the western and southern San Joaquin Valley at the expense of smaller Delta family farmers--the federal government is getting involved in the century and a half old water wars by crushing (again) small agribusiness & fisheries for the big money folks.

Bob Conaway insists that water drip systems of greater efficiency as are being used in Israel could expand agriculture without using more water or having to dry up smaller businesses. Better irrigation technology is a start as is better seed selection, less waste, better crop management, better water transport systems which reduce transevaporation & protecting our drinking water resources more aggressively against polluters, even if we did not have a comprehensive plan waiting to be looked at -e.g.  "The Responsible Exports Plan" developed by the Environmental Water Caucus [found@].
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