Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bob Conaway on the road again (no not with Willie Nelson)....

Campaigned in Needles (on Colorado River across from Arizona). Met volunteers getting out the campaign door-to-door, putting up signs and thanked them. Went to the Needles Eagles Lodge and met Lodge Master Anderson--good time over a beer. Met Needles Mayor Paget and was later given a chance to talk with the City Council. Water levels in the Colorado are scary low.  Talked with tribal reps. Met and talked with several people regarding ongoing property boundary disputes. With the drought, the Colorado River will still be a battleground for years to come. As someone familiar with federal laws & treaties, I know I am a better choice than Paul Cook--it all reaffirms my decision to run. Met Captain of Sheriff's Department in Needles--he was very uptight when I introduced myself at Needles Council Meeting--not healthy to be so wound up. San Bernardino Fire and Search and Rescue rep Dave Marshall an ok guy and comfortable talking with even a democrat or two. Leadership is still hopeful about Needles' future. Some development seems in the works from the round-about-way things are being done on easements and road improvement plans--but that was just my sense. Had diner on a patio with friends Bob & Ruth Lopez--great steak Bob! The nights this time of year are so awesome in Needles. BTW went to various spots with Ruth Lopez (candidate for 16th State Senate District), John Coffey (candidate for the 33rd Assembly District)--good fellowship with some bright people with a desire to serve their Districts!

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