Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BOB CONAWAY URGES PAUL COOK TO JOIN HIM in AGREEING to TRY & IMPLEMENT in 2015 a CPI-E COLA [Cost of Living Adjustment] for Social Security beneficiaries before going his tribal buds' Halloween Fundraiser!

This past week, the Social Security Administration announced the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2014, and it’s a measly 1.7%. In fact, the last three years, COLAs have been below 2%. As the cost of food, utilities, housing and prescription drugs continue to rise, 1.7% is simply not enough to keep up. But there are still those in Washington who believe this is too generous!
The people who rely most on Social Security—the elderly, disabled and veterans—spend more on health care than the general population, and those costs have been rising rapidly. That’s why Congress needs to listen to the people and implement the more generous CPI-E, which puts the cost of living formula in line with how Social Security beneficiaries actually spend their benefits.

While Paul Cook rolls into the weekend going to another tribal government sponsored fund raiser on Hallow's Eve at the Morongo Indian Casino, Bob Conaway urges Cook to spend a moment and make a commitment to implement a CPI-E based cost of living annual increase and abandon
the COLA-slashing chained CPI, to help take of those veterans he claims to care about.
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