Thursday, October 30, 2014


Went to DESERT RENEWABLE RESOURCE CONSERVATION PLAN public input meeting in Victorville last night. It is a plan to conserve NOTHING, is a plan to develop wind and solar with NO PROVISION for the building of the needed power lines (so if and when the power lines and easements become needed, it becomes a hidden tax on all of us through bonds or through deficit spending that requires more tax revenue) and it has NO SPECIFICS or MEANS of IMPLEMENTATION of MITIGATION MEASURES NEEDED [if these solar and wind farms are built, and adverse environmental impacts need to be dealt with or mitigated, there is no objective evaluation and enforcement process--which by the way I made a public comment on]. I could go on (talk about water shortage issues, PM-2.5 and PM-10 dust problems causing respiratory damage, air borne mold caused Valley Fever to name a few) but the comments and testimony at the hearing were powerful reasons of why the state needs to FIRST work on conservation plans--ya know things like requiring lower wattage lighting, appliances to name a few, turning down A/C 2 degrees, etc. The slick and well funded program is a Mississippi two step--with counties like ours that have a pro developer mind set and expedited approval processes with little to no due process for citizen groups, the pre-done EIR (Environmental Impact Report with pre-set concerns and fixes--which seems to violate due process, CEQA and the State Public Resources code) will fast track the dumping of these techno dinos into the communities with the smallest voice to oppose these projects without regard to health, safety and resources issues confronted in the unique areas in our Desert--which I made a public comment on. I need to figure out why the US Department of Fish and Game and BLM aren't disclosing what if any federal issues are in play. I will spearhead that inquiry if elected--by the way, Congressman Cook was not present nor anyone from his office.

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