Monday, September 22, 2014

Bank Funding is More Important to Funding the Ebola Fight Adequately is What Paul Cook is All About

Paul Cook voted to pass a joint resolution [the "Fiscal 2015 Continuing Resolution"]  that would provide funding for federal government operations until Dec. 11, 2014, at an annualized rate of $1.012 trillion. The Budget provides a mere $88 million for government efforts to fight the Ebola virus when the United Nations said they needed $1 billion from the US to contain. This is a pandemnic potential not unlke the Black Plague which wiped out hundreds of millions. Paul Cook does not understand the global risk and joins his leadership in voting for a budget that does not protect Americans while supporting tax cuts to corporations throughout the year and in the same Fiscal 2015 Continuing Resolution extending the  Export-Import Bank's operating authority through June 30, 2015, which if he did not it figure out, was beyond his current term in congress--kinda like creating debt for someone after your authority to approve appropriation passes?
Bob Conaway says "This is scarey budget politics--banking power is more important that knocking down a disease that could ravage Americans?
I guess banks are more important than the lives of US citizens to Paul Cook. Does he really think the disease can be contained with such a superficial commitment to a potential pandemic? Outbreaks need to be contained at historical and geographic pinchpoints. To be cheap on the effort increases the risk of a break out. Shame on Cook for playing with the public's health protection!"

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