Saturday, September 13, 2014


Bob Conaway, a candidate for Congress in California's 8th Congressional District and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare oppose H.R. 3522 [misnamed by the Congressional Republicans the "Employee Health Care Protection Act". --Mr. Entitlement (Paul Cook) of course voted for it. Bob Conaway would not have.  Exactly what will HR 3522 mean to the people in the 8th Congressional District?
1. HR 3522 allows health insurers to continue offering coverage outside of the insurance marketplaces established by the health law even if those plans do not comply with its coverage requirements.
2. HR 3522 allowed inferior plans can now discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, would force women to pay more tha
3. H.R. 3522 undercuts the ability of the marketplace insurance plans to offer affordable health coverage because younger and healthier individuals would tend to enroll in the substandard plans preserved by HR 3522.  Consequently, older and sicker individuals would remain in the comprehensive plans that meet the health law's coverage requirements. As a result of this adverse selection, insurance premiums would rise for those plans with sicker and/or older Americans, which would make coverage less affordable and increase the number of uninsured or force these Americans to join these substandard plans as well.

4.Under HR 3522, the number of uninsured young seniors would increase and be less healthy by the time they became eligible for Medicare - thereby increasing Medicare's costs.One of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act is that more "young seniors," aged 50-64, are receiving health care before they become eligible for Medicare
Does Cook bother to look at the people in this District--a lot of retirees, single moms,  students and aging work force folks that can't afford the hit of discriminatory underwriting, hikes in premiums and reduced coverage that HR 3522 bring. Heh maybe Cook looks at it this way, he's got his Tri-Care, his Medicare if he needs it and what Congress pays for and us little folks are SOL?
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