Monday, September 22, 2014

Bob Conaway Urges Paul Cook to Seek Emergency Funding of the Ebola fight before it "Comes to America" and kills people on Main Street

The Ebola crisis in West Africa is a horrifying humanitarian catastrophe, regrettably being ignored by Congress and the media (to date) apart from sending over a handful of military personnel (to observe and report), an approach which seems to ignore the fact Ebola is not stopped by guns or soldiers like a human enemy. Ebola which is no less an enemy, only needs to catch a single plane flight to cause far more terror and devastation than a handful of terrorists ever could.
The United Nations which is taking the lead says that it needs $1 billion to contain the disaster.
To put the request for mutual aide in context, the United States is spending $7.5 million dollars a day to support military operations in Iraq, at an annual cost of $2.7 billion per year. One expert says that ramped-up air operations (which might be asked for) could take our costs up to $100 million to $200 million a week, or $5 to $10 billion a year but even that only accounts for air strikes in Iraq. Another expert points out that if our reach expands by engaging in air attacks in Syria, say, or paying other countries to join us, we could easily get up to a price tag of $15 to $20 billion per year, for what may be a multi-year venture.
But even if one is of the opinion that we must spare no expense in stopping ISIS, there's no reason why we can't also focus on halting the spread of Ebola.
Bob Conaway, Candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional District says:

"We owe it to our fellow human beings to help them in a time of desperate need, and it's also just good sense to take preventive action that could protect this country, too. It's long past time for the West to act and put a stop to this dread virus, and it's long past time for the United States to lead, so I ask, I implore, Paul Cook to ask for an emergency session of Congress to vote on funding the Ebola fight and protect us against a very real threat to our shores and Main Streets across America". 

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