Monday, September 15, 2014

Paul Cook's "Yeah" Vote on HR 5078 Will Endanger Public Waters & Blocks Rulemaking Efforts to Protect Our Public Waters by Non-Partisan Professionals

On September 9, the US House of Representatives voted 262 to 152 to approve HR 5078 as an attempt to block the Clean Water Act protection rule-making underway by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
Bob Conaway says that "Paul Cook (CA-08) should have known that his 'yeah' vote on H.R. 5078 is bad news for clean water nationally and especially so for people in the 8th District, whose fragile Desert Valley and Mountain areas are in need of protection.  The proposed rule the Army Corps and EPA was working on was consistent with the Supreme Court's narrower reading of where the Act applies, which includes wetlands with a hydrologic connection to rivers and streams (like the Colorado, Owens and Santa Ana Rivers), including those rivers and streams that flow seasonally (like the Mojave River) [see &]. HR 5078 is one of many roadblocks opponents of the Clean Water Act protection rule (also called Waters of the U.S. rule) are throwing up.  The proposed rule making which HR 5078 & Cook's vote seeks to stop,  provided clarification about which waters the Clean Water Act applies to, and contrary to the shrill voices in the Boehner camp, did not protect any new types of waters".
Bob further says: " One has to wonder about Paul Cook and free speech--the rule making process INVOLVES the public and various stakeholders--what is he and his corporate minions scared about coming out of the rule making process. Paul Cook voted to stop current rulemaking (one has to wonder if he is afraid of intelligent professionals talking about what's good for Americans) & voted to prohibit the EPA and the Corps from developing any future rulemakings or basing implementation of the law on similar rules or guidance".

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