Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why Iraq III - Will Congress plz show up?

Bob Conaway, a candidate for Congress in California's 8th Congressional District says:

"We need to avoid without Congressional approval, beyond humanitarian aide and security forces needed to defend American diplomatic assets, propping up an Iraqi regime in failure mode & ignoring our own 'life' priorities.
First, as BBC reporters have said, the old failed leadership in Iraq just played a game of musical chairs before the US announced there was a new government. It seems that we are asking the same Sunni leaders that could not get their army to stand their ground and fight ISIL, to now fight ISIL, because of some humanitarian supplies being delivered to Kurds and bombing missions (and the promise of more bombings).   What is the logic of this?  We bombed Sadaam and it was not enough--we had to commit ground forces and when they (the US) withdrew,  instability reappeared. How is this any different? Some have said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result?
Second, through all this, no one has asked where did the Republican Guard Ba'thist Party forces go when the US arrived in Baghdad? The Republican Guard had military training to fight and fight they did against Iran and Kuwait, so one has to ask, (a) if they are now part of the Iraqi Army, are we rearming and allying with Sadaam's old military elite? (b) If they are not part of the new (current) Iraqi Army, where are they and are we bombing to help defeat that previously "vanished"  military elite or (c) are they standing by waiting for Iraq's collapse (or weakening from the conflict we are ramping up) so they can walk in without firing a shot?
Third, has anyone asked about whether Iraqi Sunnis want to fight other Sunnis even if they are part of ISIL? We seem to forget the Sunnis under Sadaam (which the Army was primarily made up of) killed Kurdish civilians (like what is happening now?). Could it be that Sunni Iraqis don't want to attack Sunni-leaning ISIL forces so Kurds can be saved the ravages of war, when just maybe, some Sunnis in Iraq might see ISIL's attack of the Kurds being a way to seize back control of the oil fields historically operated by Iraqi Sunnis? Who are we helping in this fight and what end game are we working?
Congress needs to debate this--e.g. who are we doing this for and why? If this is about oil fields, stay out and develop our natural resources. Most of the oil is reportedly going to Red China--what's our bone in this fight?
Are we really doing this to save lives? We have a lot of "life" issues, including but not limited to shipping children away who are escaping to the US for a better life with apparently little regard to their fate upon return, failing to deal with the record numbers of suicides in the armed forces by ignoring the signs and failing to give our fighting men and women full and unfettered access to needed medical care to prevent such acts of self destruction [Extrapolating from a 2012 VA report that found 22 veterans took their lives each day in 2009 and 2010, IAVA members planted 1,892 flags on the National Mall Thursday to commemorate the staggering figure; see also], ignoring runaway homelessness numbers (many of which are vets), ignoring crippling student loan debt and abusive Sallie Mae collection policies which is causing depression and anxiety amongst our unemployed and underemployed youth (and returning vets who had some college educational loans) and ignoring the fact 1 in 5 American children suffer from hunger (how about deliverying those food packs to our poor).
How about dealing with our "life" issues first?"

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